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Who We Are


Core Values

1 God's Glory

God’s Glory

We believe human flourishing only comes through a person pursing the glory of God with all their heart. We seek to do this both when we gather and in our daily living.

Scripture as Authoratative

We believe Scripture is our ultimate source of authority in this life, and that God has spoken through His Word and revealed everything we need to know for our lives and godliness. Because of this, we teach the Bible and believe it is practical for all believers, whom the Holy Spirit guarantees will grow in Christian maturity.

2 Scripture as Authoratative
3 Doctrines of Grace

Doctrines of Grace

We believe God’s sovereign hand leads sinners to repentance and a life of faithful obedience. We believe this to be completely consistent with the free agency of man. The doctrines of grace include complete depravity, unconditional election, definite atonement, irresistible grace, and the perseverance of believers.

Church Leadership

We believe in being led by a plurality of elders and served by deacons.

4 church leadership
5 church membership

Church Membership

We believe a church is made up of Christians formally committed to one another, demonstrated in dedicated attendance at corporate worship, giving, prayer, disciple-making, and service. This results in each member growing up into the maturity of Christ.

Every Member Ministry

We believe in a community of mutual love among members as they share in the joys and struggles of life with one another. We believe each member is gifted by the Holy Spirit and is needed by the our church to use their gift for the sake of one another.

6 every member ministry
7 faithful evangelism

Faithful Evangelism

We believe evangelism isn’t just for “professional Christians” like a pastor or deacon, but is rather something done by every member of the church. We all call people to repent and believe in the Gospel.

Complimentarian View of Marriage

Complementarian View of Marriage: We believe men and women are equals in dignity, value and worth before God, in whose image they are made. We also believe they were made with complementary functions in marriage.

8 complimentarian view of marriage
9 dependence on the holy spirit and prayer

Dependence on the Holy Spirit and Prayer

We believe that our church can accomplish nothing apart from the Holy Spirit, and we need him to guide and change us. In light of this, God moves through our humble prayers both individually and corporately.

Local Church Revitalizing and World Missions

We believe in assisting other local churches (both in the United States and abroad) so that they might be built up in the Word of God.

10 local church revitilization and world missions